P/I-P65UP5 Motherboard Specification
(Symbol of Excellence Winner - Taiwan)
CPU Card
* C-PKND Dual Pentium II Based CPU Card with 440FX chipset
* C-P6ND Dual Pentium Pro Based CPU Card with 440FX chipset
* C-P55T2D Dual Pentium Based CPU Card with 430HX chipset
Bus Architecture
* 32-bit PCI Bus and 16-bit ISA Bus Compatible
System Memory
* 8 x 72-Pin SIMM Sockets Support 8MB to 512MB Memory Capacity
* Use 4/8/16/32/64MB 72-Pin DRAM Module with EDO or Fast Page Mode DRAM
(Require parity memory to support to support ECC function)
On Board I/O
* 1 Floppy Port (Up to 2.88 MB, 3 Mode Floppy Supported)
* 2 Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART Compatible)
* 1 Parallel Port (EPP, ECP Port)
* IrDA TX/RX Header (Optional)
On Board PCI IDE
* 2 x PCI Bus Master IDE Ports (Up to 4 IDE Devices and LS-120MB Floppy Drive) Support
* PIO Mode 3 and 4
* DMA Mode 2
* 1M-bit Flash EPROM
* AWARD PCI BIOS with DMI, Green and Plug-and-Play
Expansion Slots
* 1 x CPU Card Slot (ASUS Proprietary)
* 4 x 32-bit PCI Slots
* 3 x 16-bit ISA Slot
* 1 x ASUS MediaBus Rev 2.0 Slot (PCI Slot Plus ISA Slot)
* Externe Infrarood Module
Bord afmetingen
* 3/4 Baby AT PCB Size: 10.7 inch x 8.7 inch

CE Mark ISO9002 Mark PnP Mark DMI Mark Green Mark FCC Mark